I purchased a FIRM king size bed and within 4 month's it had dents in the places where we sleep. More than 1.5 inches that they tell you about.

During these hard times with furloughing federal employee's. I went back to the store and they said they would replace the mattress but I had to pay another $87 for the delivery charge. I asked him why because it's a faulty mattress and it's their product. He then pointed to the print on the form that said they are not responsible for the delivery charge. I told him I don't know anyone with a truck big to come and get the mattress and because I had just lost 20% of my income since May. I cannot afford to pay the delivery charge. You would think that they would waive the charge, but NO they told me I could come back and either pay the delivery charge or take the new mattress.

I will NEVER buy another mattress from this company again. Or buy anything from their sister stores.

Review about: Denver Mattress Company Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Their isn't a furniture store in this country that would deliver replacements for free. It's standard practice in the industry because regardless of the product being faulty it costs additional money to send out a delivery crew.

Not to mention the fact that when people try to claim that their mattress is developing impressions they are usually less than .5" and that is generally after a couple of years. You just didn't like the way the mattress was breaking in and now you want them to bend over backwards because you think that mattresses don't break in. You just think they break down. You didn't lose $1000 dollars either so that is a false claim.

You paid $1000 for a $1000 product and you still have it.

You didn't get ripped off, you just don't like the policy.

to anon Erie, Pennsylvania, United States #888841

You are a denver mattress useful *** anon. Denver mattress is a *** poor company with *** poor customer service and you should know it since you work there.

Denver, Colorado, United States #687865

Thank you for your review of our Albuquerque location. We're sorry to hear you had issues with getting your mattress replaced. We want to help by involving the Regional Manager for your area. Could you send an email with your contact information to customerservice@furniturerow.com? Even if we do not hear from you, we will forward your complaint to the Albuquerque Regional Manager for review.

Thank you,

Furniture Row Customer Service

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